Extending On-Demand Consulting Service Request

Our On-Demand Operating Environment enables us to be more resilient, responsive, focused and variable. This approach makes us capable of spanning multiple business processes and support better, faster decisions and provide comprehensive services to our clients.   Securely connecting the client’s scope of business / Operational Environment through effective `communications with our Consulting / Business environment for analysis to allow clients to aggregate, act upon recommendations and dynamically adjust benefit plans in response to changes in their business environment.

Enable our Clients’ HR and Benefit systems to be integrated using standards-based service aggregation technology and professional consulting solutions to render our Business Process Management more efficient and effective.

In the end, we cover all interactions and businesses with clients. We improve our client services by:

  • Providing access to product information and assistance on-demand
  • Identifying what clients value and formulating appropriate service strategies for each client
  • Providing mechanism for managing and scheduling follow-up service calls
  • Tracking all contacts with a client
  • Identifying potential problems before they occur, being proactive
  • Providing an internal user-friendly mechanism for recording client complaints
  • Providing a mechanism for handling problems and complaints and resolving them
  • Providing a mechanism for correcting service deficiencies
  • Providing mechanisms for managing and scheduling inquiries/responses and on-going support
  • Providing mechanisms after clients have placed bids with us to evaluate them on various factors such as pricing, single sourcing, quality proprietary products, thorough analysis, benefits delivery, successful implementation and continued measured satisfactory service