Our Specialty

Dodd Consulting was founded in 1964 as an independent insurance firm. We use our experience to help affluent individuals, families, and companies achieve their financial goals through innovative asset transfer, insurance, and executive benefit solutions. As a Member Firm of M Financial Group, our clients have exclusive access to proprietary insurance products that are unavailable through traditional channels.

Our Philosophy

At Dodd Consulting we view insurance acquisition as the beginning of a working relationship, not as a single commodity purchase. We are not oriented to one-time transactions; we are focused on becoming long-term insurance providers to our clients. We seek to earn our client’s trust by providing cost-effective solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Our Excellence

Many companies espouse excellence, but few are committed to reach its pinnacle. At Dodd Consulting, excellence is a never-ending climb to reach the top. For those like us who are passionate about planning, we build on today’s accomplishments while raising the bar for tomorrow’s achievements. Our uncompromising performance standards are founded on the principle that the search for excellence is on-going and is part of the exciting challenge to help clients increase, preserve, and transfer wealth, and enjoy their financial well-being.

We guide our clients through their decision making process involved in considering:
Executive Benefits, Employee Benefits, Wealth Preservation and Insurance Planning.